Thursday, August 17, 2006


In my Rapid Eye Movement
in my darkest dreams
there emerges the most stunning shining
a supreme silver linen
of your shape
you beloved shadow
dressed in shower drops
of heavenly fables

to you I don't bow
in you I don't trust
from you I everly decline
but is it you gracious fate
which is shaking my forsaken visions
turning them into
a sparkling fountain
is it you ruthless fate
which is revealing
the all white swans
lamenting before my wuthering eyes
within my burning core?

Might it be you
traveller of the wild tempest
who is whispering
in hidden realms
excavating the remains
of this bewildered beast
which is howling in the twilight?

It's your heart,
I finally reckoned,
faithful and bound
in a serpent's skin not found
but in a vessel
of pure benedictions
and earnest contradictions
challenging harshness
and grasping life
exfoliating the death lizzards
hunting away doom
and communing a sweet prelude

No sight could ever be so mellow
as that of your inner beehive

With this heart of thee
I'll ever
and for ever
pray to be
in your heart orchid
I am a spellbound

2006 © Loreley Lucy

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