Wednesday, May 2, 2007

Hard Core

I am a Hard Core, baby
Don’t try to break me
To scratch me
To crack me
Don’t try to make me
Don’t live for it
Should say
DIE for it
You‘ ll see the sky
Tumble and fall
But not me
You ‘ll hear the seven seas call
But not me yelling
I am a hard core
I warn you
But you can never tell
‘cause baby, I am all dressed up
In velvet
In a black fury dream
Touch me
And you’ ll get worried
Kiss me
And you’ ll get hurt
Love me
And you’ ll get bleeding
Dream of me
And you’ll never wake
I am a hard core, darling
I never get weak
Never shed a tear
Never lose my nerve
I am a hard core, baby
I live within
Your deepest thoughts
I breathe inside
Your inner cores
Don’t try to catch me
To grab me
To capture me
I am made of harshness
Within black cold

Black velvet will slide away
Will leave you
Empty handed
So broken hearted

I am a hard core, honey
Dressed in black
I am already gone

Think I hear you sing
Black velvet, please…
Oh, please…

Lucy 2007

Black Velvet - Alannah Myles