Friday, January 5, 2007

The Big Snake

Not To Touch The Earth
Jim Morrison-The Doors

( I Am The Lizard King. I Can Do Anything...)

The big snake is crawling
in the jungle
along with the drums
it's crawling
on your skin

it's running in your blood

the big snake
is poisoning your breath

it's sucking your mind

the big serpent
is cold blooded
it's thirsty

the big snake
is in your hand
it's in your power

do not feed the big snake
do not run on the road
of no return

do not warm its blood
do not kiss its skin

for this is the big snake
it's always in your mind
it's eating it out

it's in your blood
it's getting warm in your cells

its lair is in your molecules

this is the big snake

and the big snake
is hungry
for your flesh
for your blood
for your life

do not feed the snake
do not feed the snake
in your mind

the big snake

this is the big snake

this is your road




Lucy 2007


par1saktos said...

"ain't gonna rain no more no more, ain't gonna rain no more,
how the heck will I wash my neck,
if it ain't gonna rain no more???"

τραγουδησε το βρωμικο φιδι ;)

καλημερα κοπελια και καλο σαββατοκυριακο!

lucy of wild flowers said...

"I am the Lizard King, I can do anything."

Jim Morrison sings in the:
"Not To Touch the Earth"

Καλό μεσημέρι, παρεισακτούλη!

Πολύ χαρτωμένο το παιδικό τραγουδάκι,
αν και όχι τόσο αθώο"!

Να έχεις ένα πανέμορφο και ξεκούραστο Σ/Κ!

confused said...


lucy of wild flowers said...

Ελπίζω να μη σε μελαγχόλησα,
καλή μου

Καλό απόγευμα, καλό Σ/Κ!


Μιχαήλ Angel said...

Πω πω Λούσυ!
Τέλειο! (έχω μια αδυναμία στα φίδια ξέρεις).

lucy of wild flowers said...

Μιχαήλ μου,
Ευχαριστώ τα μάλα!

Αδυναμία στους όφεις;;;

Πρέπει να σε ψυχαναλύσω...


Lupa said...

and as the lizard king himself had said: we have to kiss the snake in the mouth.... γιατί ...

Αν οι Πόρτες της Αντίληψης είναι ανοιχτές, Όλα θα φανερωθούν στον Άνθρωπο όπως πραγματικά είναι: ΑΕΝΑΑ!