Sunday, April 23, 2006

Infernos Zest

In the vacuum skull
Memento mori
Breezing whispers
Icy glances
Tortured hell
Flaming heaven
Your cross is on fire
You are double-crossed
Perpetuous lamentation
In ardent stillness
Sentiment flowing on black satin
Shroud of illuminated visions
Pieta on broken marble
Embracing thorns
Synchronizing vulgar myths
Teardrops on profound purple

Vigorous souls on sepient serpent
Sleepless treason
In creepy orchid garden
Sentinels afar
Non promising noughts
Fragmented scepters
No more
Lost shadows
No more
Infernos zest
No more

Lucy 2006


Ancient Clown said...

You have some incredible, georgeous pieces of work here. Thank you for the beauty.
To you, from me.
Why We're Not Here
your humble servant,
Ancient Clown

Loreley-lucyluce said...

No, I thank you, noble gentleman!
It's always a pleasure to have a courtesy expressed by a person who's got brains and heart altogether. I would never try to minimize the fact, I'm just more responsible to give more of my spirit and soul here!
I would most appreciate your friendship than your being my slave!
Thank you again!
I've visited your blog and I' m linking it right now!