Tuesday, April 4, 2006

Vanishing Flesh

Don’t dream within dreams
Don’t turn away your mystic veil
From the fragments of my soul
On the innocence exile I am melting
Tearing spectrum into teardrops.
The velvet shroud of your crypt
Is scattering my breath away
On yellow autumn leaves I am pacing
Beneath my delirium visions
The endless chaos is tormenting me.
On my bosom your tender hand lay
On my forehead your silent breath rest
Eternal shadow of my jewel, shiver
Emerge from scraping darkness
To sacred flowery beds
On my lips your deep kiss sighs
Through my misty gown
Your cold hands
Embrace vanishing flesh…

(2006) © Lucy


jim_hellas said...

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Loreley-lucyluce said...

Ok, Jim. Αφησα σχόλιο στο blog σου. C Ya! :-)