Saturday, May 6, 2006

Corpse Vessels

Lustrous lips
On my bosom
Tenderly caressed in mirth
Your burning touch
Desperately forlorn
In temple ruins
Mystically enfolds
Its glowing beam
In my emeralds.
“Your emeralds!
So sparkling tonight!
Your eyes, who do they belong to?
Who’s caught them?”
“Not you, my hideous lord!”
In my clouded reflection
Soaked desire
Of an aimless destination
Of a devious regret
Of a sinuous mentality
Those unspoken words
Those lusty hands
Enchanted me
In sweetest dim
In wild dreams
In rage and forgiveness.
Your vanquished angel
Is living in emeralds
Never again
In your domination
Never again in chilly shades
Never again in shattered meteors
Never again in sullen cores.
Lay no more
Your lustrous lips
On my bosom
Verses and corpse vessels
Are sinking
In deep sea.

© Lucy 2006


dr.Uqbar said...

Ωραιο το lustrous lips

Λύσιππος said...

Ηδονικά περιγραφικό, ματωμένο.

Loreley-lucyluce said...

@dr.uqbar, lustrous, desirable but fake! Thnx! :-)

Loreley-lucyluce said...

@λύσιππε, δάκρυ, σπέρμα, αίμα, only human...thnx! :-)